Contemporary Circus duo

The Trace of the Snail

“What happens if we let down our guards and give room to our own vulnerability?”

With this question as a starting point, the 1 hour indoor creation “The Trace of the Snail” invites the audience to dive into the world of the small, the fragile and the weak. With a mix of hand balancing, juggling, acrobatics and spoken word, the Lemon Press Collective reminds us all of the beauty of softening our defences.

Lemon Press Collective

The Lemon Press Collective is an emerging contemporary circus duo founded by Aurélie Tercier (CH) and Mika Schnapper (DE). Aurélie and Mika, a hand balancer and a ball juggler, met in their circus studies in Codarts, Rotterdam. After their graduation in 2022, they embarked together on the journey of their first creation “The Trace of the Snail”.