The Trace of the Snail

Creation 2022-2023 – 1h indoor show

Can you remember a moment when your heart was as soft as floating feathers?

Breathe in, breathe out and get ready for “The Trace of the Snail”.

With a mix of hand balancing, juggling, acrobatics and spoken word, the first show of the Lemon Press Collective brings to the stage the small, the fragile, the soft and the weak. Too often we hide those qualities behind a facade of strength – but what would happen if we let down our guard and give room to vulnerability?

With fluidity, detail and honesty the contemporary circus piece has one mission: To remind us all of the beauty of softness.

Artists: Mika Schnapper and Aurélie Tercier
Dramaturgical outside eye: Leon Rogissart
Movement coaches: Clémentine Télesfort, Lisard Tranis, and Julia Färber
Music designer: Mawu’Nyo
Light designer: Lina Brockob
Mentors: Farina Berndt and Yolande Sommer