The collective

Mika Schnapper

Mika (he, she, they) is a ball juggler, circus maker, artist and activist from Bremen in Germany. He is in love with juggling for its infinite possibilities and its way of painting shapes that exist for just one moment. She is in love with art because it is a language to express what really moves us.

Aurélie Tercier

Aurélie (she) is a circus artist and hand balancer from Switzerland. With a curious mind, she likes to explore hand balancing in combination with objects, for example in her graduation solo “Between the Lines” (2022), a poetic hand balancing piece involving long fabric ribbons. Aurélie is inspired by installation art and its intricacies, which she translates into her physicality. She often bases her work on personal experiences, which she approaches with a touch of humor.

Aurélie is based in central France and works as a solo performer and a replacement interpreter next to her work with the Lemon Press Collective.